this does not ever get old
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Can we please just accept that there are good people who are awesome, and bad people who are incredibly shitty and we don’t need to group them by saying “straight white males be like-” or “trans people are-” why cant we just stop this bullshit that causes such controversy and essentially hurts other peoples feelings, we all want to be accepted, we all want to be liked no matter if your trans, gay, straight, bi whatever you are it doesn’t matter! people want to be accepted, people need to be loved. stop hurting people because you feel like you are entitled to because that’s what others do. it isnt right. so ill leave it as this, if acceptance is what everyone desires, speak out, use your opinions, debate, have conversation! but DO NOT insult each other. that will not solve anyone’s problems, especially when you insult those who are innocent.


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So has anyone done this yet or? Original - x




when the adhesive on your pad snags ur pubes


If you have pubes and use pads…than you probably aren’t having sex..

if a man (or a woman) can’t handle pubes or pads then he’s probably an immature douche who won’t grow up. if he can’t understand that pubes are a natural body occurance, or think that his preferance in my menstral protection is above my comfort then he’s probably an asshole and, just like with tampons, i dont want him up my vagina




no matter how much you love feferi we all have our moments where we go feferi what the fuck




For advvicestuck!

im…oh my..